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2017-12-07 10:39:25 by XenonMusic


I'm looking for a short 2-minute song to remix. Any suggestions? We just ask that the song is:

Fairly known

Not using too many VSTs

Thank you! Comment your suggestions down below.


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2017-12-07 21:02:49

Sphero by Xtrullor?

XenonMusic responds:

Thx! Great suggestion, because that song has always been one of my faves! I'll work on it.


2017-12-09 17:28:34

Chaoz Fantasy by ParagonX9.

Also, when are the remixes coming out?

XenonMusic responds:

Sorry for the delay! I'm on a bit of a creative hiatus while I work on my new song Without A Care. But rest assured, I will work on ze remixes. But, I'm afraid I won't be releasing them all very soon. Though they will all be out by February.