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NG ban almost over!

2017-11-17 16:21:21 by XenonMusic

Yo Bros!!! Just wanted to lay it on you that my NG ban is almost over and I have three new songs - you heard me - THREE new songs ready for you once I'm back, all uploaded on the day my ban ends! I'm also trying my hand at making funny animated movies, available by Dec 12 (estimate). Sincerely,




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2017-11-17 16:54:06


Why did you get banned??

XenonMusic responds:

Because, -sigh- I made a stupid song of me singing "Wake Me Up Inside", actually, SCREAMING it down my mic, and this moderator named LexaHergon banned me for it because of "earrape". UGGGHHHH.
And BTW, THX for following me! Doing that really means a lot to me.



2017-11-17 21:37:05


At least you've been productive during your ban.

(Updated ) XenonMusic responds:

Yeah! Here's a sneak peek at the titles.

\X\ Unfazed (dubstep)
\X\ Mystic Mountain (dubstep)
\X\ Redux 2003 (techno)

And thanks so much for following! It means a lot.